Would the Founders support Amendment 2? That’s not clear

The Tennessean, the paper of record in Nashville, has published an oped of mine on Amendment 2, which will be on the ballot this November. (Keep reading)

Postmortem: What We Learned from the Tennessee Supreme Court Judicial Retention Elections

Now that three incumbent Democratic judges have won retention elections to Tennessee’s highest court, many people have asked me for my thoughts on the election since I have spent a lot of free time in recent months investigating claims these justices made as they campaigned for office. (Keep reading)

Government Accountability Office Audit Exposes Major Security Flaw, Broken Promise in Obamacare Exchanges

Federal investigators were able to obtain insurance plans backed by federal dollars under false pretenses, contradicting a promise made by the former Secretary of Health and Human Services to the White House in a public letter. (Keep reading)

Snapshot: Tennessee Judicial Retention Election Ethics Complaint Coverage, One Week Later

I haven’t seen this much action since I uncovered the Department of Health and Human Services’ Google AdWords campaign around the term “Obamacare” leading up to the 2010 midterm elections. (Keep reading)