Quotation of the Day: The Fifth Amendment and the Federalist Society

Getting excited about stuff like this only adds volume to the steady drumbeat between my ears that keeps telling me I should have pulled the proverbial trigger and gone to law school upon completing my undergraduate work. (Keep reading)

Quotation of the Day: Cato’s Gene Healy on the Constitution and the President’s Powers

If the men who wrote the Constitution thought the president should have Chuck Norris-level powers, they would have specified that in the text of the document, just as they specified Congress’s enumerated powers in Article I, Section 8. Let’s stop pretending that the President of the United States is a Hollywood action/thriller star, and start treating him like the just-a-man he is. (Keep reading)

SCOTUS Rules 5-4 in Favor of First Amendment in McCutcheon v. FEC

If you hated the ruling Citizens United because it steered money away from candidates and parties, you should love the ruling in McCutcheon. (Keep reading)